Laetitia Soulier’s Haunting Solo Show at Aperture Foundation
By Allison Meier, July 26, 2012

Underground party organizers TheDanger ostensibly held their final event after seven years of extravagant art-infused celebrations in November 2011, but yesterday an email went out alluding to their long promised return as a re-imagined experience, kicking off tonight with the opening of French photographer Laetitia Soulier’s exhibition at the Aperture Foundation.

Soulier is also honored tonight at the Aperture Foundation with Artists Wanted’s Exposure Award for her photography, which won the Grand Prize in their 2011 competition. The exhibition focuses on her “Fractal Architectures” and “Palindromes” series. The large-scale photographs in “Fractal Architectures” document the miniature lush interiors Soulier constructs with rich detail. The models are then destroyed, leaving the beautiful prints as the sole representations of her strange small worlds. In “Palindromes” Soulier creates diptychs contrasting the symmetry of pairs of identical twins with those of vacant urban settings like parking garages or subway cars, each image mirroring the other in curious ways.


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